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About Us
Our home delivery service is primarily designed for home-bound individuals who have no other means of getting groceries. Through our service, there are many seniors in the Barre area who, otherwise, would not be able to stay at home.

We take delivery orders on Monday mornings. When calling, please ask for Pam, or tell the cashier you would like to place an order for home delivery. We will go over a check list of groceries, tell you about our specials, and ask about some necessities to make sure you have everything you need. You can get anything in the store, including deli, meats, and fresh bakery items.

Delivery of your order will be on Tuesday, usually between 11:00AM and 1:00PM. Depending on what is happening at the store, this could vary a little. We will shop your order, ring it up, load it into our car, bring it into your residence, and if you need us to, we will put it away.

All of this service costs $5.00, that will be added to your order. Payment is expected when the groceries are delivered, unless other arrangements have been made.