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June 6, 2015

We are tuning up our product selection at Quality Market.  You may notice some shelves that are less-than-full as we sell off products that we are discontinuing.  We are actively looking for suggestions on what our customers would like to see.  For instance, historically, we have not carried many organic products…they just don’t seem to sell well at this location.  But if you WANT them, now is the time to let us know.


We have brought in a number of highly discounted products that are produced under the “ShurSave” label.  This are items that are intended to compete with the dollar stores (which you no doubt know are popping up all over!) in price and value.  Additionally, we are looking into bulk bins for grains, dry foods, and cereals.

Come by and see us and all of our new improvements! Thank you for your patronage and support! We very much appreciate your business!